Blue Max, Hitachi, Husqvarna Chainsaws

Blue Max 38538

Give the handyman or lumberjack on your Christmas shopping list a Blue Max 38538 18-inch 45 cubic centimeter 2-cycle gas-powered chain saw this holiday season. It’ll be appreciated when it comes time to cut that firewood and later in the spring, when it’s time to trim those branches. Pruning, limb removal, and general tree maintenance will be a breeze with this tool. Preparing cords of firewood will be no trouble at all. This is the one power saw that does it all.

Blue Max 38538

It has features that will be well appreciated. Being gas-powered means there’s no electrical cord to tie you down; this is essential if one has to roam far from a source of current. It has a 45 cubic centimeter high performance engine. This gas-powered saw has an automatic bar chain oil feed system, which lubricates the saw as it’s used. This helps ensure that the chainsaw will last for a long time. It has a manual pressure relief valve. The 18-inch bar means the saw has a cutting capacity of up to 36 inches in diameter. This requires no assembly; simply fill with fuel and use. It has many of the same features of other gas-powered saws costing much more. In addition, this saw is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. The dimensions are 11.7 inches in height, 11.7 inches in width and 19 inches in depth. For safety, it has an inertia-activated chain brake that stops the blade from rotating, in case of kickback. Another safety feature is the saw’s chain and bar design, which helps reduce kickback in the first place. Kickback is the uncontrollable circular motion of the saw towards the person running the chain saw. Kickback can happen if the blade jams while cutting. Besides safety feature built into this saw, other ways to reduce the possibility of kickback are to maintain the sharpness of the cutting edge and to hold the saw properly with both hands, having firm footing.

It has a couple of drawbacks. First might be its weight. At nearly 18 pounds, it’s something to consider if you have to carry it for some distance. Another drawback is that if you live in the state of California, you can’t buy this chain saw because it’s not California Air Resource Board or CARB compliant. You have to buy a CARB-complaint chain saw. Like all chain saw reviews, it’ll need routine maintenance to perform its best. The chain will need to be kept sharp, and sawdust must be removed so it won’t clog the air intake. You’ll know when the chain becomes dull by the type of leavings you see: a sharp blade results in long clean-cut shavings, whereas a dull chain gives you powdery sawdust.

After reviewing the features of this gas-powered chain saw, you can see that it gives you a lot for the price, yet you’ll find that it’s modestly priced. Most retailers offer it for under $200. That’s a bargain price compared to similar gas-powered chain saws on the market. Don’t wait for stores to run out; buy the Blue Max 38538 today.


Hitachi CS40EA18

With the cooling weather approaching many homeowners are anxious to get back outdoors and start cleaning up their yards with their Hitachi CS40EA18 chain saw. This chain saw is the perfect choice for cleaning up and cutting firewood because of its lightweight and low vibration feature which makes it easy to operate. The quality performance of the CS40EA18 is generated by the commercial grade engine that has a low emission technology two-stroke system. Fumes are reduced by the low emission and the saw complies with the CARB Tier III regulations. It is easy to access the tension for fine tuning of the chain to enhance the capabilities of the saw. With an 18-inch blade the Hitachi can help you cut your work load down in a fast a professional manner. Designed with a starting system that lowers the amount of strength you need to start the saw, it makes the product perfect for men or women to use, for those clean up jobs around the yard. With the handy back handle you will have more control, and less stress on your arms when using your saw.

Hitachi CS40EA18The efficiency of the saw is designed with a quality power head and the pitch that reduces the kickback for safer operation of the saw. While cutting you have full control and great performance with this lightweight Hitachi saw. You can adjust the tension on your saw with the side tension lever. The chain saw will also stop rotating the second you release the button for the blade. This safety feature improves the cutting efficiency of the blade and allows you to place the blade where needed for the proper cut. Comfort in using this saw was designed with an anti-vibration system that allows the user to use the product for extended periods of time. It weighs a little over 9 pounds, and has a back handle that makes the saw manageable for use in most projects around your yard.

A couple of customers said that they had to put the CS40EA18 on the ground to start it because, if they were holding the saw when trying to start it, the saw blade would rotate. Another customer said he was clearing 5 acres of woods and after a few days the saw developed a small oil leak. He wasn’t sure if he was pushing the expectations of the saw to far or if it was a default. It was easily repaired and he could get back to clearing his land. With the string being vertical to the saw, some found it hard to handle and start. The solution they found was to put the saw on the ground and put their toes on the handle and pull the crank. It would then start right away and it seemed to be a minor problem.

Keep all the great features of the CS40EA18 saw in mind, when shopping for your new saw. You will love the fact that it is lightweight, has a quality grade engine and an 18 inch cutting blade. With the tension that can be adjusted quickly from the side, and low emission of fumes, and less vibration, this saw will be a delight to use to get all your projects finished. Women who enjoy getting out and pitching in with the clean up, will be able to handle this saw with ease. With the lightweight and low vibration even women will find the saw easy to handle. Giving you great performance and is easy in use, the Hitachi will be a great addition to your home for any clean up project.


Husqvarna 435

The Husqvarna 435 is a gas powered chain saw from the Swedish manufacturer. This powerful piece of equipment has certain features about it that make is a distinct chainsaw; suitable for all outdoor and backyard activities. The power chain saw can be used to trim trees, chop up logs, cut down trees, prune bushes and flowers as well as hedges and fences. It is a great companion for most yards and can operate well under most conditions. This power chainsaw is light in weight, very portable and efficient in operation. It features an X-Torque engine that has been adopted to increase the efficiency of the unit while greatly reducing the emissions and pollutants. It is equipped with a fuel pump that enables easy start-up of the power chainsaw when required.

Husqvarna 435Starting up the Husqvarna 450 power chainsaw has been easier by the pump as well as an off/on button conveniently located on the piece of equipment. This is much easier to start with users having to pull the start cord either once or twice. To avoid flooding the engine, the choke should be turned off during the start-up process. This comes with a modified X-Torque engine that is a great improvement over the standard 2 stroke engine. It improves energy efficiency by up to 20 per cent and reduces noise and pollution as well as harmful emissions by up to 60 per cent. This makes this power chainsaw a highly efficient piece of equipment that conserves energy by minimizing fuel consumption and improved performance. The auto return start switch enables a speedy start-up for this power chainsaw. This reduces the time and frustrations that repeated starts without success can lead to.

The chainsaw has been described as an efficient and lightweight all-round power saw that is absolutely ideal and befitting any yard work or outdoors job. It is pretty easy to maneuver when in use with very simple controls that are easy to reach and easy to use. Some of the features found on this useful piece of equipment include a centrifugal air cleaning system this is a system used for the cleaning and removal of large particles of dust and debris that may get onto the saw. The debris is removed and eliminated before it gets to the air filter pump.  It weighs about 21 pounds and I very soft and lightweight in use. It is extremely easy to use with increased comfort due to the padded handle, an easy to reach yet ergonomic trigger and sturdy, padded handle.

These are, however, few drawbacks and the Husqvarna is a fantastic model. There are many satisfied customers that have had positive experiences using the equipment. This is a great companion for any property owner and can handle most outdoor requirements such as hedges pruning, trimming of trees and other menial outdoor jobs. Any property owner or home owner looking for a great backyard and outdoor companion will make a wise decision by choosing their Husqvarna 435 as their power chain saw of choice.

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